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Stay informed! Visit the SA Department of Health’s website for COVID-19 updates:

During this unprecedented period of time all Geosense staff are currently working remotely in line with government guidelines. Our team remain available to ensure all operations, data streaming services and support functions are running as usual. 

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Geosense are specialists in the delivery aerial imagery and LiDAR surveys providing aerial photography, mapping, height and LiDAR data to help utility companies manage their work, their workforce, and their network assets.

Our utility power line service has been operational since 2011 and we have flown hundreds of missions for power line routing and inspections in Southern Africa. We have developed sophisticated acquisition and processing routines  providing efficient and cost effective solutions for network inspections, identification of defects within structures, vegetation encroachment, modeling (PLS_CADD) and new route determination. Recent projects include the modelling of substations and overhead lines, corridor planning and conductor inspections - all derived from precise high resolution LiDAR and imaging sensors from either fixed wing or rotary platforms.

  • Our bespoke LiDAR system for rotary platforms captures extremely dense datasets and because the helicopter provides better maneuverability than a fixed wing Geosense can survey the project area more efficiently and capture and map complex features and assets and is ideal for engineering projects.
  • Our fixed wing platform is for rapid capture of wider area surveys where the aircraft typically operates at 120kts/hour and generates highly accurate data for precise terrain mapping of topography as well as utility assets and is coupled with RGB and NIR cameras when and if required.

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