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How accurate is Oblique Imagery captured via an Aerial Imagery Survey?

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Oblique imagery data is very accurate. It is possible to make measurements using oblique aerial imagery survey data.

  • Once the oblique imagery data has been processed,  each image from each camera will have an associated exterior orientation file in the same way normal vertical imagery has after Aerial Triangulation. That is a known position in the x,y with an associated value in the z plus the orientation angles (omega phi kappa or roll pitch and yew)
  • Once we have the exterior orientations parameters together with the image itself and a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Geosense can integrate them into oblique viewing and measuring software such as OBLIVISION
  • OBLIVISION is a powerful tool for the display and measurement of the 4 way cardinal images. It gives users an interactive seamless 360 degree view that is geographically and geometrically accurate with real world 3D co-ordinates

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