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Oblique Imagery Surveys

Is Oblique Imagery Viewing Software compatible with GIS?

Oblique imagery data captured via an aerial survey can be processed and then imported into viewing and measuring software such as OBLIVISION.

  • The OBLIVISION Online Software is fully integrated with the ESRI platform
  • It allows the direct overlay of ESRI shapefiles and ESRI database files
  • Integrated with the ArcGIS server, users can simply launch the tool within the ESRI environment and visualise, analyse and map directly

Can you view data captured via an Oblique Aerial Image Survey online?

Oblique imagery data captured via an aerial survey can be processed and then imported into viewing and measuring cloud-based software.

How accurate is Oblique Imagery captured via an Aerial Imagery Survey?

Oblique imagery data is very accurate. It is possible to make measurements using oblique aerial imagery survey data.

How accurate is Oblique Imagery captured during an Aerial Imagery Survey?

The oblique camera system is a calibrated metric digital camera.

  • Geosense use the MIDAS 5 cameras system, coupled with the Applanix Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), to capture oblique imagery during an aerial imagery survey
  • The system is much like the large format Vexcel Ultracam digital cameras that we use for vertical imagery surveys, and captures oblique imagery with a very high precision geometric fidelity
  • When applying ground control, we strive to achieve 2 pixel accuracy in the x,y,z RMSE across all 5 cameras

What level of detail can you see in Oblique Imagery?

As with vertical imagery, the level of detail that can be seen on an oblique aerial image depends upon the camera used to capture the imagery during the survey and its Ground Sampling Distance (GSD).

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