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Mobile Mapping Surveys

How is data captured from a Mobile Mapping Survey used?

The captured 3D geospatial data has far reaching uses across numerous sectors including road mapping and navigation, waterways, emergency response planning, plus street, highways and utilities infrastructure and asset management.

What data can Geosense capture through a Mobile Mapping Survey?

Using the Leica Pegasus:Two mobile mapping system, Geosense can collect both high-density point cloud data and high resolution 360 panoramic imagery in one pass.

Where can we undertake Mobile Mapping Surveys?

The Pegasus:Two mobile mapping system is completely vehicle-independent, making it a competent solution across multiple applications without limiting you to road and rail. 

In addition, to ensure complete capture of a location, Geosense utilise the portable Leica Pegasus:Backpack platform to collect imagery and point-cloud data indoors, underground and across outdoors locations not accessible by vehicles.

Why would we commission a Mobile Mapping Survey?

With far reaching uses across mapping, response planning, utilities and infrastructure, geospatial data captured from a Mobile Mapping Survey is now regularly being utilised in the development of new applications.

Our Mobile Mapping solution can mobilise within a few days and collect high quality panormanic imagery and point cloud data quickly and efficiently, without the need for traffic management and staff on the road, saving time and increasing efficiency.

How accurate is the data captured in a Mobile Mapping Survey?

Data is to 20mm absolute accuracy, 5mm relative accuracy without Ground Control Points. Absolute accuracy can be improved to sub 10mm by the use of Ground Control Points.

How quickly can Geosense mobilise a Mobile Mapping Survey?

Geosense can typically start on a Mobile Mapping Survey project within 7 working days of an order being agreed.

How long does it take to deliver the data captured from a Mobile Mapping Survey?

Depending on the data and delivery requirements, a day’s surveying can be processed and delivered in as little as 3 working days of the Mobile Mapping Survey.

How much does a Mobile Mapping Survey cost?

The cost of a Mobile Mapping Survey is based either upon a per line km cost or a daily rental of the system, and is dependant upon the specification of the data required.

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