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During this unprecedented period of time all Geosense staff are currently working remotely in line with government guidelines. Our team remain available to ensure all operations, data streaming services and support functions are running as usual. 

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View things differently and power your decision making

Geosense VezaVue Online Oblique

VezaVue Online - our Oblique Subscription Service - gives you access to high resolution content for the majority of the urban areas of South Africa directly into your existing business workflow, offering unrivaled clarity and precision.

Manage your risk exposure, reduce costly site visits and improve your bottom line performance. Take out a trial subscription today and unlock the power of oblique aerial imagery. As a subscription model you only pay for what you need, whether thats as a Premium subscriber with access to all our national datasets, a Starter subscriber with an interest in a specific area only or a bespoke subscriber that requires a tailor made package to suit a specific need.

View your project areas from different directions and angles, make accurate measurements of height, width, length and area with the ability to embed the imagery and results into your own reporting structures, including building reports, valuations reports and insurance risk assessment reports. 

All without setting a foot on site!


Our VezaVue Online oblique solution provides acces to an unparalleled national library of high resolution imagery with its unprecedented high level of detail coupled with a rich catalogue of historical imagery for a wide range of uses including:

  • Building Assessment

  • Property Valuations

  • Insurance Risk

  • Change Detection

  • Post Disaster Monitoring

  • Assessment of Assets

  • Security Risk and Analysis

As an aerial survey service provider, Geosense can also capture oblique imagery on demand. For example, post event oblique imagery can be captured and delivered within a few days of a fire or storm or natural disaster, greatly assisting risk evaluations and analysis of damage. Our subscription solution also offers an archive of historical imagery allowing you to assess and monitor change


  • All our oblique imagery is acquired using leading global aerial oblique sensors with 5 cameras mounted in an aircraft that has been specially modified for aerial survey

  • Intertial measuring units and Global Positioning systems mean our systems capture survey grade imagery to an accuracy of up to 15cm.

  • Our imagery is high resoluton with a ground sampling distance (GSD) ranging from 5cm to 15cm, allowing detailed measurements and enabling confident decision making

  • Full RGB colour imagery

  • Unrivaled clarity, Unrivaled precision

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